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Ten Cool Things About Charleston SC

Ten Cool Things About Charleston SC

1. Charleston has an average of 230 warm-sunshine-filled days out of the year, with an average daily temperatures of 65 degrees...can you say shortest winters ever?

2. Charleston can claim bragging rights on having the only lighthouse in the United States that has air-conditioning... (yup, it's true... that weird structure known as Sullivan's Island Lighthouse is actually outfitted with A.C....wonder how much that costs to run in a month?)

3. One of the coolest celebrities ever owns our local baseball team, The RiverDogs...

4. The South Carolina official dance is The Shag...(okay so maybe this dance is so uncool that it's actually cool....take that, twerkers!

5. Taking a page out of Gullah culture, Charlestonians often paint their porch ceilings “Haint” Blue to drive away evil spirits. (A haint is a spirit or ghost)....It also repels bugs. Not only is the color cool and relaxing on the eye, but it's Gullah roots are cool:

6. Bill Murray isn't the only cool local celebrity in Charleston....

7. Coast Brewery is right here in Charleston and they use local and organic ingredients to make some really cool beer:

8. Our beaches... ah yes..with over 90 miles of pristine beaches, it doesn't get cooler than this...

9. Sweet tea is a way of life in the Lowcountry and it's home to the only existing tea plantation in the continental United States...that's iced-tee cool....

10. Charlestonians, being the gracious and uber-cool folks that they are, know that word-of-mouth referrals are still the number one way we do business.... Guess old school still wins out in the long cool is that? It's Service First....

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