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Five Free Ways to Stay Cool in the Lowcountry

Judging by the increased volume of our service calls, and the rising temperatures over the past few days, we know that staying cool is the number one priority for folks that live in the Lowcountry.... What are the top five ways to cool off on a hot Lowcountry day?

1. If you don't want to get stuck in beach traffic and you don't have your own, make friends with someone who has an awesome backyard pool...(hint hint)

2. If that's not an option, make use of all that mint that grows like a weed here in the Lowcounty, and try local catering company Jubilee Catering's recipe for minty cool icecubes...

3. Head downtown and jump in the Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park....(it's okay, it's not considered ghetto and you're allowed)...just bring a few towels with you...

4. Avoid the Spoleto Festival traffic and head on over to the Swig & Swine's Parking Lot to catch the mighty cool Bluestone Ramblers this afternoon....after all, who could say no to bluegrass and pulled pork? And for other "cool" events, check out Charleston Inside Out Magazine's facebook listings for goings on about town...

5. Last, but not least, have your air conditioning unit serviced....You may or may not need a change out, but having it serviced by a professional with over 25 years experience, will ensure maximum coolness for the hot Lowcountry summer ahead ....

and remember....

Until next week,

We're keepin' it cool in the Lowcountry, one A.C. at a time ....

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