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Hey Lowcountry! Don't let Joaquin Get the Best of your HVAC this Weekend!

Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment can end up severely damaged and oftentimes permanently destroyed if flooded.

1. We definately don’t want you to jump on the panic bandwagon....

but ... we do suggest these tips to be prepared in the event of flooding around your home this weekend.

2. Keep Your Yard Clean from Debris. One of the top two offenders of HVAC damage during a storm and (subsequent flooding) is debris getting lodged in the unit. Make sure the area around your HVAC unit is kept tidy. With threats of flooding in our area for this weekend, NOW and we mean NOW... is a good time to pick up the leaves off the top of your HVAC and clear sticks and branches in your yard.

2.If you do experience flooding around your home, Do Not Use Your Unit During the Storm. Avoid electrical power surges (which can create massive damage in just a second) by turning off all heat and air conditioning at the thermostat. But even better yet is to switch off the circuit breaker that controls the units until after the storm is over.

3 After flooding subsides, inspect your unit before moving forward. Do not touch the unit if there are power lines down or near it. Make sure to clear out any debris, check for water around the unit, remove cover (if you've used one) and change your air filters.

If after a storm you do notice that your equipment has been damaged, please give us a call rather than risking injury to yourself or your unit. We’ll get you operational again in no time! Stay safe friends!


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